June 12, 1969

Contract provisions are to be drawn and bids are to be taken a second time July 14 on supplying ambulance service in Osceola County. The board of supervisors this week rejected two bids for ambulance service and one bidder pointed out that the advertisements had not spelled out what the board wanted included. The bids were by Bud’s Ambulance Service Grand Rapids for $54,000 and by Universal Ambulance Service of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for $48,000. Universal is owned by L.L. King, brother of Lawrence King who operates a mortuary and ambulance service at Cadillac. A committee of the board is to meet with the county prosecuting attorney to draw up a proposed contract, and new bids are to be taken, to be opened at the board meeting July 14.

June 12, 1994

A new National Weather Service forecast station in Gaylord will help Cadillac residents prepare for severe weather sooner. A spokesman for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said the office is projected to be completed in September of 1995. The station will house a Doppler radar that helps the service predict tornadoes. “It will let forecasters see inside of a storm cell to see which direction the winds are going,‘ Pat Slattery of the weather service said. “If it indicates winds are going toward the radar and winds going in the opposite direction, the only thing that could be is a tornado. The old radar won’t detect that.‘ Slattery said the National Weather Service has about 75 of the Doppler weather radars installed currently. The ones in use are quicker at forecasting tornados. “The one in Kansas allows us to issue a warning up to 30 minutes before the tornado touches down,‘ Slattery said. “With the old radar a good warning time was five minutes before the tornado touched down. Most times we would not issue warnings until spotters on the ground saw one.‘ The $2 million project will also include a weather balloon inflation building. The weather balloons tell forecasters barometric pressure, temperature and humidity. The complete station will now allow the weather service to give a more accurate forecast for this area. The current local forecasts are issued out of Houghton Lake.

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