Feb. 13, 1919

Lee Sprague, of Cadillac, is included in the list of western Michigan boys now at Camp Custer, who arrived at Custer from Russia on Monday of this week. In an interview given to a reporter of the Grand Rapids Press the Cadillac soldier gave the following interesting incidents relating to his recent Russian experience. “The boys in Russia have no chance whatever against the Bolshevik,‘ said Lee Sprague of Cadillac. He is one of 17 Michigan men who successfully held off an attack of a force of 500 Bolshevists in September until reinforcements arrived. He has been in five battles. ‘They had 14 battleships on the Dvina River and without artillery, we couldn’t do a thing but keep out of range. But if we caught them in the woods we would go after them. Sept. 16 my sergeant and 17 others of my company were making barbed wire entanglements in front of our position on the railroad. The Bolsheviki made an attack. We saw them coming and there were all of 500. They had machine guns while we had only rifles. They came over at two o’clock in the afternoon, but we fought them and bluffed them into thinking we were a strong force. That night we heard them talking not far from us and in the morning 10 of them were hanging dead in our wire. The guard during the night had finished them. At one o’clock next morning Company I came and we were relieved.’‘

Feb. 13, 1969

Acquittal was the verdict Wednesday in the first jury trial in Wexford County under the new 84th district court system. Judge Frank Miltner said this was not the first jury trial in the new district court since a number have already been held in Missaukee County. But it was the first one held in Wexford County. A Cadillac youth was on trial on a charge of being a minor in possession of alcoholic beverages. Arrest had been made by a deputy sheriff.

Feb. 13, 1994

The owner of Visions Unlimited video business is hopeful that some of his videotapes may be salvaged but he is being realistic. “The tapes will get ruined at 120 degrees,‘ owner Barry Radewiec said. “The fire was in the back by the furnace and I had TVs in the front that melted. But we’re taking samples of tapes just to see if anything survived.‘ Firefighters from three departments were on the scene of a fire at Visions Unlimited through most of Thursday night. “We left the scene at about 4 a.m. and were called back for a rekindle at 6 a.m.,‘ Haring Township Fire Chief Kirk Soule said. Smoke could still be seen coming from the building late Friday afternoon. “We had Cherry Grove and Selma assist us and city of Cadillac was on standby,‘ Soule said. The original fire call came from McDonald’s, but the smoke was actually coming from Visions Unlimited, Soule said. McDonald’s sustained no damage from the smoke, a store manager said. Two firemen were injured in the effort, neither seriously, Soule said. One fireman cut his hand on some steel and another was checked for smoke inhalation. A cause has yet to be determined.

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