Oct. 8, 1919

Cadillac citizens have already subscribed more than $100,000 of the $125,000 stock in the Kol-Ben proposition and Perry F. Powers Sr., chairman of the soliciting committee, expects the $110,000 mark to be passed before night. The Chamber of Commerce office will be open Friday and Saturday evening for citizens desiring to take stock who find it inconvenient to sign up during the day time. It is confidently predicted, however, that the remainder of the stock will be taken up by noon tomorrow, as several substantial subscriptions are expected. C.R. Smith, secretary of the Chamber of Commerce, has been soliciting subscriptions with Mr. Powers. J.L. St. John, the third member of the committee, has not yet returned from Detroit where he informed officers of the present company of the enthusiastic reception which the proposition received at Monday night’s mass meeting. Henry Sandall, of Alma, president of the present company, is expected in Cadillac to work out plans for the reorganization with the local committee. The matter of a site, moving the plant and plans for construction of a suitable factory in Cadillac will be rushed.

Oct. 8, 1969

Petitions have been taken out by Frank Valley of Boon Street requesting that Ordinance 728 (income tax ordinance) be “repealed or submitted to a vote of the electors of the city of Cadillac.‘ Valley is reported to have picked up the referendum petitions today from City Clerk John H. Weed. The income tax ordinance was adopted Monday night by the city commission to be levied effective Jan. 1. The ordinance adopted this week provides for taxing the income of city residents at the rate of 1% and that portion of non-city residents’ income earned in the city at a rate of one-half of 1%.

Oct. 8, 1994

The Department of Natural Resources is dissatisfied with cleanup efforts at the Richmond Landfill and has sought input from the attorney general’s office. A cease and desist order was issued by the DNR early last month to close the landfill because of numerous violations to the Solid Waste Management Act, construction permit, operating license and consent order. The order demanded that the landfill come into full compliance with the law within 30 days, or by Oct. 2. The landfill is located two miles southwest of Reed City on 230th Avenue. “They appear to be complying with portions of the order, but it’s nowhere near full compliance,‘ said Janice Heuer, environmental engineer for the DNR. At an informal hearing Sept. 7, DNR officials told a group of concerned citizens what options it had if landfill owners didn’t comply with the order. “There are several options we could pursue if that happens,‘ said Phil Roycraft, district supervisor of the DNR waste management division. “We could take them to court if there is a viable corporation there, and if there isn’t a viable corporation, we could draw on the financial assurance mechanisms that the company set up or take actions against the potential responsible parties.‘

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