March 2, 1931

The members of the city commission considered matters of routine business at their meeting Monday evening in the city hall and disposed of several items. A public hearing on the petition of Theodore Burke for permission to erect a gas station at the corner of North Mitchell and River streets was held first and action postponed until the matter can be further investigated. Two communications signed by taxpayers, who live in the vicinity of the proposed gas station, were read which oppose its erection. Two other taxpayers, Henry Werking and Andrew Carlson who were present at the meeting, expressed themselves as in favor of the new gas station. An application from George L. Currier for a license to engage in the retail furniture business at 117 South Mitchell St. beginning March 15 was read by the clerk and a motion passed that he be granted a license for a fee of $5. Some discussion took place concerning the prices of bullet proof vests which the commission contemplates purchasing for the members of the police department and the advisability of purchasing a new motorcycle or a car was also considered. City Manager George Johnston reported the need of a pump and hose with which to equip a truck to put out grass fires in the summer, the pump to cost $695 and the hose to cost approximately $250. No objection was made to its purchase. City Attorney William H. Yearnd informed the commissioners that complaints have been received within the past month concerning certain public dances given in the city on Saturday nights. It is said that girls not of age are attending these dances without the chaperonage of their parents and that brawls have occurred and obscene language used while the dances are in progress. Similar complaints were received a year ago, according to Mr. Yearnd, and the nuisance abated. Since other complaints have been received the commissioners decided to investigate the matter anew.

March 2, 1971

New efforts to get traffic signals installed on Mitchell Street at River and Gunn streets were launched Monday afternoon by the Cadillac Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors. Board action came out of a request from local manufacturers to have the effort made in an attempt to protect the safety of workers using the intersections on their way to and from work, safety for truckers and because of the proximity to a shopping center area. Efforts along these lines have failed in the past when traffic counts, taken under the auspices of Michigan Department of State Highways, have not borne out the need based on the number of vehicles moving through the intersections.

March 2, 1996

Some groups might envy so much media coverage of a problem they brought to the public's attention. But Team Up Cadillac Area hopes area parents remember the real purposes of a forum next week on gangs and violence. "We're trying to help parents become aware," said Dave Monson of Team Up. "We're not trying to have a media event here." A flurry of media coverage, including a recent article in the Detroit Free Press, has focused attention on would-be gang members in the Cadillac area. The Free Press article was apparently inspired by a Cadillac High School student newspaper interview with a self-proclaimed skinhead student. Skinheads shave their heads and are often identified with white supremacist groups like the Church of the Creator, a group that until recently rented a post office box in Cadillac. Cadillac police said criminal youth gangs from the Saginaw area have also been trying to recruit Cadillac-area youth, and graffiti around town are just one sign of their activity. Parents' help is needed to prevent these gangs from becoming established in Cadillac, Monson said. That is a main purpose of the forum. The first step is to increase parents' awareness, he said. For instance, Holland-area probate court officials Sandi Metcalf told a recent Team Up meeting how violent drug-dealing gangs became firmly established there in just a few years. Some parents there were shocked when police showed up at their door to question their sons or daughters about gang activities. They never realized that their youngsters wore certain colors and style of clothing to identify themselves as gang members. 

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