LAKE CITY — A tractor driver hauling a manure spreader slid off the road in Missaukee County Monday afternoon.

Missaukee County Sheriff Wil Yancer said the incident occurred near the intersection of 13 Mile Road and Cadillac Road.

He said the driver of the tractor reported that he was traveling southbound when a dump truck traveling the opposite direction crowded him off the road and into the ditch.

Yancer said the tractor hit some trees and spilled a small amount of manure on the road, which crews cleaned up with shovels.

The driver of the tractor was issued a ticket for driving too fast.

Missaukee County resident January Rockey said it seems as though people are driving tractors and other agricultural vehicles down this stretch of road too fast, leading to similar incidents that have occurred in previous years.

"It's scary to think if there were kids in the area," Rockey said. "It's only a matter of time before something happens. People need to slow down and be more observant."

Yancer said he recalls an incident in the spring similar to what happened on Monday but he doesn't think it's a pattern of behavior on the part of tractor drivers.

"We get a lot of complaints about it," Yancer said. "People perceive they are going too fast."

It's only natural there will be more incidents involving tractors on this stretch of road, Yancer said, considering how much agricultural activity is going on in the region, especially during certain times of year.

He said they are aware of the heavy traffic and keep an eye on it and while they occasionally cite someone for going too fast, he wouldn't consider it a trend.

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