Victim of drug deal gone wrong found guilty of lying to peace officer


CADILLAC — A 19-year-old Cadillac woman recently was found guilty of crimes connected with a drug deal gone wrong.

Audrey Rose Thompson was found guilty of lying to a peace officer in connection with a criminal investigation and aiding and abetting the delivery of marijuana. A charge of accessory after the fact of a felony was dismissed.

Thompson was found guilty in a bench trial, which is a trial by judge rather than a jury.

According to court documents, on Sept. 14, 2018, Thompson and her boyfriend approached a vehicle near Donnelly and Division streets occupied by four people. Thompson knew at least one of the people in the vehicle and the plan was to sell that person marijuana.

When the marijuana was handed over, one of the individuals in the car yelled for the driver to quickly take off, according to court documents.

Documents report the driver took off suddenly, catching Thompson’s arm in the passenger door and dragging her a distance down the street.

Following the incident, Thompson and her boyfriend went to the hospital for treatment of her injuries. It was there Thompson told a fictitious story of how she became injured, court documents report.

Court reports also indicate Thompson was urged by her boyfriend to tell the story to keep them out of trouble. They told police the incident involved the sale of a PlayStation gaming console rather than marijuana.

When police pressed them further on the story, the truth eventually came out, according to court documents.

Thompson faces up to four years in prison at sentencing.

One of the people involved in the incident, Kyle Earl Puffer, was sentenced to 30 months to 4 years in prison on a guilty plea to larceny of marijuana from a person.

Puffer also pleaded guilty to delivery or manufacture of marijuana and had charges of unarmed robbery and aggravated assault dropped as part of the plea.

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