One of your readers recently submitted an article addressing the violence in the schools. I would like to offer another avenue for thought on the subject.

Ask the question: What changed?

Guns have always been widely available. Look at the examples for how to live that are paraded before our youth and remember they used to be sheltered from values other than their parents until about age 5. Now, children are exposed to other influences almost from birth. Television is in our homes where increasingly immoral and indecent programs and even advertising are pervasive. Are you tired of seeing half clothed people yet, people in their underwear or the focus on their behinds? I believe the enemies of our nation and the principles it was founded on very quietly contaminated our school system introducing anti-American teachings, like lack of respect for our institutions, Constitution and freedoms. Parents trusted that teachers would have the integrity to stick to academics and not become political activists. I believe there are children in elementary school that are very aware of their teachers’ political beliefs. People like that shouldn’t be allowed in the same room with students. People say they have a strong faith but they don’t need to attend church. The message to their children was that it was unimportant and the children were deprived of a valuable moral compass. Activists say casual sex is normal and acceptable, and you don’t need the validation of a marriage certificate to live together and create children. No responsibility to provide a home and nurturing. “Celebrities” flaunt their immoral lifestyles and then preach to us about what they consider socially acceptable. Throw in violent movies, video games, broken homes and any number of other things and, I believe, you have a breeding ground for school violence.

Ruth A. Mowat


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