Voters change from Clam Lake to Haring to the City without moving

This image of a previously-proposed Cadillac Junction plan does not clearly show Combs\'s and other residences as being part of the City of Cadillac; however the Cadillac News verified with the Wexford County Equalization Department which residences were transferred into the city.

CADILLAC — Unlike some of the closest residential neighbors to the Cadillac Junction development, Eschol Combs likes the activity.

He keeps an eye on it through his kitchen window, which overlooks site-clearing at the TeriDee property.

Over the years, he’s also kept an eye on the politics of it all.

He’s had to pay attention to the case because he needs to know where he lives.

As one of the properties that were part of the disputed 425 agreement that moved the TeriDee, LLC and other properties from Clam Lake to Haring Township and then, finally, into the city of Cadillac, Comb’s home just east of the Cadillac Junction development has “moved‘ six times, he estimates. All without packing a single box.

Combs has voted in Clam Lake Township. Some years he’s voted in Haring Township. Some years, he’s voted in Cadillac.

Now, this year, with a 425 agreement finalized between Cadillac and Clam Lake, Combs is a city of Cadillac resident once again.

And yes, he voted — today and throughout the tumult.

“We always vote,‘ Combs said of himself and his wife, who did not want to be quoted.

The Combs’s residence on M-55 is one of two parcels on the highway that transferred into the city of Cadillac, although the home between the two parcels did not get transferred into the city. Four homes on Crosby Court were also moved as a result of the Cadillac Junction settlement agreement, although they went to Clam Lake Township, not the city.

Combs is perhaps unusually familiar with elected officials in all three municipalities.

“We kind of know some of them because we’ve been to all the meetings when this property was involved,‘ he said. “Just to find out where we’re going to be.‘

While Combs, who previously lived in Novi but moved to Cadillac 22 years ago for retirement, is used to development and supports it, he said he wasn’t a fan of paying higher city tax rates.

“It’s not a hardship but I don’t like it,‘ he said. The Combs’s don’t get city water or city garbage pick-up — they consider themselves Cadillac residents mostly just in name.

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