Wexford County has 7 new cases

CADILLAC — Wexford County had seven COVID-19 cases confirmed on Tuesday by the local health department. Moreover, another person in Wexford County has died of the virus.

It's the largest one-day increase of cases in Wexford County since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived here in March.

Wexford County had its first case on March 20, 2020. Cases trickled in, with the (until now) largest batch arriving April 2 - 6, at five cases. 

As of Tuesday, Wexford County now has had 26 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 11 happening since June 22; more than half, 15, of the county's total cases were confirmed in the month of June. About a third of the people who tested positive for the novel coronavirus have since recovered. Data from District Health Department No. 10 on Tuesday put it at eight recoveries. 

With Tuesday's death, four people in Wexford County have now lost their lives to COVID-19.

For the seven new cases in Wexford County and one new case in Lake County, the sources of the infections are "all over the board," according to DHD No. 10 spokesperson Jeannine Taylor.

"Two are related to each other - one got it through community spread and the other got it from that person," Taylor wrote in an email to the Cadillac News. "The rest are unrelated cases - no common factor to each other. Some contracted it from close contact with relatives or friends who were positive; some traveled and got it; some got tested because they were having a medical procedure and ended up being positive."

As of Tuesday, there were two people hospitalized for COVID-19 at Munson Cadillac Hospital.

DHD No. 10's tally of coronavirus cases in Wexford County does not match the state's number. On the state's coronavirus website, Wexford County is shown as having 23 cases. However, the local health department's data can differ based on when the information is accessed and when it is confirmed.

Lake County went a month without a new COVID-19 case. Lake County hadn't had a new COVID-19 case among residents since May 30. The streak ended Tuesday when a seventh person was found to have contracted the virus. Lake County has had no deaths and five recoveries.

There were no new cases in Missaukee or Osceola counties on Tuesday, though both had new cases on Monday. Osceola County stood at 24 cases and Missaukee County stood at 20 cases. Oscoela County has had zero deaths and nine recoveries. Missaukee County has had one death and 15 recoveries.

On Tuesday afternoon, the MiSafeStart map showed that Wexford and Missaukee County continued to be considered "low risk" for COVID-19, though Lake and Osceola counties, which are grouped with Grand Rapids, were considered "medium-high" risk. Most of the rest of the state, including Detroit, is considered "medium risk." However, the Lansing area is considered high risk following an outbreak linked to a bar in East Lansing.

Statewide, there were 373 new cases on Tuesday, bringing the state's pandemic total to 63,870. There were 32 new deaths, bringing the total to 5,947.

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