Wexford County hits 400 COVID-19 cases

CADILLAC — Wexford County has topped 400 COVID-19 cases as of Wednesday.

To be precise, the county has had 401 confirmed COVID-19 cases since the pandemic reached Michigan in March.

The majority of Wexford County's COVID-19 cases have been in the Cadillac zip code. The 49601 zip code has seen 289 cases. Manton (49), Mesick (28) and Buckley (20) have seen most of the rest of the county's cases.

Wexford County had 10 new cases on Wednesday, as well as one new probable case.

Osceola County added 12 new cases on Wednesday, reaching 335 total cases. Osceola County COVID-19 cases have spread throughout the county, with each zip code having more than five (the threshold of reportable cases). The Reed City zip code has had the most, at 85, followed by Evart (5) and Marion (49).

Missaukee County added two confirmed cases and one probable case on Wednesday, reaching 196 total cases. As in weeks past, Lake City (94) and McBain (58) continued to have the most cases in the county, with the part of the Manton zip code that is in Missaukee County also showing a significant number of cases, 19.

Lake County had nine new cases on Wednesday, reaching a total of 147. The Baldwin zip code continued to have the highest number of cases (73), while Luther and Chase each had 17.

Statewide cases continued climbing on Wednesday, with the state total number reaching 277,806, an increase of 5,772 since Tuesday. Deaths stand at 8,190, an increase of 62 since Tuesday.  

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