Wexford, Lake and Osceola counties each have a new case

CADILLAC — Three of the counties in the Cadillac News coverage area each had a new COVID-19 case on Thursday.

Wexford County's new case brings the total number of cases since the COVID-19 pandemic arrived in Michigan in March to 27.

Lake County's new case brings the total there to eight.

Osceola County's new case brings the county to 25 COVID-19 cases.

Missaukee County held steady at 20 cases, though a new positive test could come soon; there are nine probable cases in Missaukee County.

A Wexford County resident died of COVID-19 on Tuesday.

That person was diagnosed and died the same day, according to the temporary public information officer for District Health Department No. 10.

The female became an inpatient on 6/29 and passed overnight "around the same time she tested positive, said Christy Rivette, a community health supervisor for the department.

The Wexford County resident who died was one of the seven people who were included in Tuesday's COVID-19 tally, which represented an "uptick" in cases.

It was too early to call it a surge.

"Since Wexford hasn’t seen sustained increases over an ongoing period of time we will have to wait and see if the increase continues," Rivette said.

Pop-up testing was held at Baker College this week but results are not yet available.

Rivette said on Wednesday that results would take another 7-9 days.

Testing could account for Tuesday's uptick.

"I assume that there is more testing going on at provider offices and the hospital, since we saw one of the cases (Tuesday) was someone getting tested prior to a medical procedure," Rivette said. "In general we are seeing a mix of community spread and cases within families or where gatherings occurred."

Statewide, there were 543 new cases on Thursday, bringing the total number of cases in Michigan since March to 64,675. There have been 51,099 recoveries, though the state's definition of recoveries may include people who are still suffering from the impacts of COVID-19 and may not include people who recovered quickly. The state defines "recovered" as somebody who is still alive a month after the onset of COVID-19. There have been 5,966 confirmed deaths (four in Wexford County and one in Missaukee County).

Locally, of the 80 cases in the four counties in the Cadillac News coverage area, about half have recovered (15 in Missaukee, nine in Wexford, nine in Osceola and six in Lake equals 39 recoveries). About 6% have died.

Additionally, there are at least 17 probable cases in the newspaper's coverage area (nine in Missaukee, one in Lake and five in Osceola; estimates vary in Wexford County. The health department says six and the state says two).

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