CADILLAC — Wednesday was a reprieve, but it looks like the haze created by the smoke from the numerous wildfires out west will be back on Thursday.

Gaylord National Weather Service Meteorologist Andy Sullivan said the haze likely started coming back into the area Wednesday night and was expected to remain for the next couple of days. He also said Wednesday that models were showing that the haze created by the wildfires wouldn’t be as thick as it was previously.

“We will keep it in the area a few more days until we get another front to push it out. It doesn’t look like it will be as thick as it was, but it is hard to tell,” he said.

Although the fires in the western United States are large, Sullivan said the reason the smoke can travel as far east as it has is more related to the jet stream. He said jet stream has been pulling everything out of the Pacific Northwest and brought it to the Midwest, parts of the southern United States and the East Coast.

As for the impacts the smoke has, Sullivan said it probably cut a couple of degrees off the high temperatures and it is debatable whether it could hinder the formation of thunderstorms.

“It is high up in the atmosphere so you aren’t going to smell it and it is not going to affect air quality,” he said.

Prevailing upper-air winds exported the smoke to the Atlantic seaboard and continued through Wednesday, according to the National Centers for Environmental Prediction. Wildfire smoke made the 2,500-mile journey to the East Coast as recently as two weeks ago, but it was far less substantial than this refill.

The Tribune News Service contributed to this report.

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