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Forty-nine years ago, the Supreme Court made a horrific decision in history, legalizing abortion in all fifty states in Roe v. Wade.

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After forgiving the Wexford County road crew for multiple white knuckled rides over the last couple years I simply cannot hold back any longer. The roads on Thursday night were downright shameful. I am surprised no one was injured on M-115 between Cadillac and the county border (heading sout…

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On Monday, Dec. 20 I spoke at the city council meeting because they were to hear public opinion on removing the 1,000/500 foot variance preventing marijuana grow facilities from being built next to residents and schools.

Have you ever stopped to think about how many times angels appear in the Christmas story? It was an angel who appeared to Joseph. It was an angel who appeared to Mary. It was a host of angels who appeared to the shepherds.

I have been fortunate enough in life to have had two dads and coincidently Cadillac News has featured both in separate articles within the last few months.

About seven years ago, a new praise chorus came out with the title “Great Are You Lord.” Now, there’s nothing particularly noteworthy about the emergence of a new praise chorus (they are plentiful!). Nor is there anything particularly noteworthy about the title of this one (shared by many pr…

Advent is one of my favorite seasons of the year. In case you’re unsure of what Advent is, it’s the four Sundays leading up to Christmas where we take the time to prepare our hearts for the arrival of Christ. Part of the reason I enjoy Advent is because it’s the beginning of winter in Northe…

Right after Labor Day, I received a call from my family in Cadillac that my close relative was in the hospital. I immediately flew to my hometown of Cadillac and spent the next five days assisting her after she was discharged. Thankfully, she is quite well and I was able to return to Santa F…

Singing has been a key component of Christianity from the beginning. The psalms have numerous references to musical instruments and singing, indicating that music has an appropriate place in our worship of the Creator. Colossians 3:16 says, ”Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly as you …

On October 29, Governor Whitmer vetoed S.B. 303, 304, and H.B. 5007 which would 1) allow an unregistered voter to use a “provisional” ballot without identification, 2) require the provisional voter to produce documents within six days verifying his or her identity and address and 3) eliminat…

My family has been coming to the Cadillac area for 30 plus years. The Cadillac Farmers Market has become a highlight of our weekends we love buying fresh produce and locally made crafts, getting to know our neighbors and enjoying the community spirit the market provides.

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The featured article “Continuing the Fight” in the Oct. 20 paper brought back the fear we had of getting polio back in the 1940s. There was no guidance on how to protect us, since no one knew what caused it.

There are Falls, and then there are Falls. A snow-less Fall has provided the perfect protection for a profound panorama of beauty. Splashes of color surround houses in our neighborhood. A full spectrum. An artist’s palette. It’s been stunning. The crescendo of this Fall experience erupted in…

I would like to make my endorsement for Carla Filkins to be re-elected as Mayor of Cadillac.

I urge the citizens of the city of Cadillac to take time out from their busy schedules and vote for Antoinette (Tiyi) Schippers for city council. She is a quality individual, who looks to the future, not the past.

I feel compelled to speak out about the current city council election, after seeing the campaign strategy being used to personally attack Matt Reinertson. I can speak on both ends of this type of campaign strategy. One from the candidate side in multiple elections where false personal attack…

I have known Tiyi Schippers for 32 years and she is a genuinely good person. She entered politics in order to help the city she loves and she, in my opinion, has done a wonderful job.

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In my opinion, the Cadillac Lofts is an over-sized eyesore. It’s too big, sits on an angle and the ground floor looks empty and unfinished. Who is paying for this building when it’s not filled?

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I’m writing to ask all Republican, Independent and moderate Democratic voters in the city of Cadillac to support Matt Reinertson for Cadillac City Council on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

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I am writing to voice my support for the re-election of Tiyi Schippers to the Cadillac City Council.