I now believe our state legislature in Lansing is totally incapable of sensibly funding/repairing Michigan roads. Proposing a hefty gas tax is failed thinking and little more than a knee-jerk solution to bail us out of a serious problem. The governor did inherit this pothole mess but I was expecting much more than this. The Republican solution: letting their tax increase for roads they legislated back in 2015 play out to year 2021 and cross their fingers.

Waiting for future tax money to come through for road repairs that we already know will be inadequate is also failed thinking. Every year you delay needed road maintenance your final expense keeps escalating. Both political parties are responsible for this road mess but the Republicans hold a good degree as they have controlled all three branches of state government for 14 years during 1992-2019.

With Lansing offering little to nothing with sensible alternatives to this problem, here are a couple of my thoughts. Swiss International Giant Nestle extracts millions of gallons of Michigan water annually for practically nothing. I believe it’s time the Nestlé free ride ends with a 10 cent tax on every gallon of water extracted in Michigan and every penny of that tax going to roads. Also isn’t it time we change the image that Michigan is the cheap place to dump your trash and solid waste from neighboring states and Canada? An added road tax on every cubic yard of trash and a hefty tax in addition on every pound of solid waste with every penny going for roads would help.

These would not completely solve the road funding problem but just using a little forethought it could be a pretty good start versus the old tax and spend method that still plays very well in Lansing.

Jay A. Richley