Post 94 of the American Legion just celebrated its first 100 years of service to veterans and the community. Although the Legion is one organization, it is comprised of three departments: Legionaires, SAL, and Auxiliary.

In preparing for our celebration we planned to have new carpet installed and spruce up the building and garden areas. This project required the time and effort of many volunteers. I am proud to say that even with the internal discord and differences of personalities and opinions so often found in multi-department organizations, the call for help on this project resulted in volunteers from all the departments. I would like to personally thank each and every one of the volunteers, but space will not allow that.

But I will extend a grateful thanks to: Rocky and Deb Jones, Cheryl Foor, George and Marcia Grames, Mark Hamacher, Ruth Reddy, and an anonymous Legionaire visiting from out-of-town. To all the other volunteers (and you know who you are) that are not listed here, I thank you for setting your personal feelings and opinions aside and helping to get this large project accomplished in an efficient and orderly manner.

It is this ability to forget personal slights and come together for the common good and unity of the whole organization that makes me proud to be a member of Post 94 of the American Legion.

Harold G. Barton