A recent Speak Out letter claimed the rash of gun violence killings in the United-States was, in his opinion, due to the Supreme Courts Roe-V-Wade abortion ruling, though missing was any factual data supporting this claim. To some, facts seem to be of little importance anymore especially as the present moral leader of this country seems incapable of going a day without throwing out untruths, half truths or alternative facts and some days borderline bald face lies. For those old enough to remember, Trump is making Tokyo Rose look honest.

Over the years I have many times stated that we all have the right to our own opinions, but we don’t have the right to our own facts. Canada our neighbor has allowed abortions (like it or not) from year 1969 to present day. Last year in Canada there were 52 killed by handguns. Japan had 48 handgun killings, eight in Great Britain, 34 in Switzerland, 58 in Israel and 42 in Germany — and every one of these countries allows abortions to some degree.

Last year in the United States of America there were almost 40,000 violent gun deaths (period). Trying to lump two hot button issues intermingled as one is truly sowing alternative facts. If your looking for a place to hang your hat on this issue, one doesn’t need to look farther then politicians unwilling to represent the majority of their constituents with some sensible and simple background checks or keeping guns out of the hands of convicted felons or the mentally ill or closing the Gun Show loopholes. Also confusing: the perceived need by some for military assault style weapon with some capable of firing 800 rounds of ammunition per minute.

As a country steeped in gun violence, we have pasted the need for thoughts and prayers.

Jay A. Richley