How’s your money really spent in Wexford County? Why would the Publicly Funded “Veterans Service Office‘ need a vehicle available for staff use?

Like many of Wexford County's public funded misadventures, the “Veterans Service Office‘ has become another example of how do we spend the money on ourselves rather than those we are supposed to serve. A statement in the minutes presented to the HR/PS committee from the May 19, 2019 VSO meeting simply said, “With the PA-214 grant amendments, office upgrades to the waiting area will be done plus a vehicle will be purchased.‘ Does that department truly understand the full weight and ongoing costs of this decision? It must be “who cares‘ as they have the millage along with Grant Money to pay for it now.

Those who applied for this job knew the vehicle parameters when they applied. Per diem and mileage, just like the commissioners, was what was offered. That was not good enough, they need their own county vehicle. Was there a cost study done? Did all of the board members vote for this unnecessary, ongoing expense? Do you know who they are? As I understand it, they are Les Barnes, Gary Taylor, Joe Poterfield, Sue Marcum and Jack Baughan. Ask them the next time you see them.

Wexford County voters have never really followed how public funds are being spent by their various county offices. The public can follow how travel and per diem is being spent, but there is no real accounting of how the veterans department is really spending the publics funds it’s entrusted with. Just how will this cost truly benefit the veterans of Wexford County? This is another example of why not spend the money on the veterans rather than on a vehicle that you truly do not need.

Michael H. MacCready