A few minutes after I entered a store on the north end of Cadillac, I heard shouting that didn’t quit. I followed the noise to find a young man using a lot of profanity and shouting at a young lady, who I happen to have known for many years. Then I noticed a young mom arguing with this young lady as well. The employees seemed to be stunned at the situation and were not getting involved (I don’t blame them — this young man was a loose cannon).

But not knowing what the store’s protocol is for dealing with such a situation, I waited and watched.

Thankfully, there were two older gentlemen who were calmly trying to defuse the situation, and they succeeded until a store manager could get there. They got the young couple to go to their car and were telling the other shopper to wait a couple of minutes before she needed to go to her car so as to avoid possible contact with the young couple.

I just want to give a shout-out to the two gentlemen who were so instrumental in defusing the situation by their wise words of “This is not the place,” and calmly moving the couple out of the store.

Thank you so much for stepping in, even when there was potential you might have gotten hurt. You are heroes in my book (and my friend’s, I’m sure).

Bonnie S. VanHouten


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