When a senior in high school in 1967, there was a popular song entitled, "Live for Today" by the group Grass Roots. Back then it was a love song. I propose that it represents our current economic philosophy, considering America has a $22.5 trillion deficit that grows daily.

It seems our Congress, Senate and even our president have accepted this credit card economy. Larry Kudlow, our current National Economic Advisor under the president, insists there is no problem. That the yearly shortfall of monies collected from taxes, especially after the rich getting a sizable tax break, will somehow work out. Even our media, who previously focused on our growing deficit in the past, have mostly remained silent on the subject. Perhaps they, too, find the figures displayed on the graphs one can read on the internet just too mind-boggling. I can tell you they certainly were to me.

A friend of mine some years ago told me that a newborn technically owes more than $28,000 right out of the womb. Not quite the legacy I wanted to pass on to my grandchildren.

Over the years I certainly got myself in trouble from time to time with my credit cards. Sometimes it's tough living solely within one's means. Even our own government must have a horrible time paying for wars, massive fires, hurricanes, flooding, the immigration fiasco and so many other things. Perhaps we must accept this new way of doing business and just sing along. The la, la, la, la, la, la, live for today. It is a rather catchy tune.

Kerry N. Brown