Is Medicare for all the wave of the future? I think it should be. Would MCA be too disruptive? I think not. To avoid disruption, MCA can be installed over time, five or 10 years if necessary.

It’s estimated that the savings for individuals and employers will be untold billions, if not a trillion, bucks. Simply taking profits out of health care tells you that the savings for everybody will be gigantic. So much so that doctor’s nurses and even the maid in a hospital can get a super big raise, as the dollars will be there.

One suggestion is to install the program in stages. First, include people 55 and up, then go to those 35 and up, then everyone else. Those health care workers now employed with insurance giants can find new jobs in the MCA program.

There must be a dozen or more ways to achieve MCA for all in our country. Let’s join the rest of the world in providing health care to all Americans, single payer. PS — New taxes needed to pay for MCA will no doubt be a whole lot less than paying health premiums, and no one need die because they could not afford a doctor’s visit.

Need I add that MCA will provide stability to people that want to change jobs without the worry of losing their health care. Additionally, employers saving will allow employers to increase paychecks for their employees. Additionally, hospitals will save billions in far less paperwork, savings that can be passed on to the patients.

So as one can see, the benefits for MCA would be enormous. People would have far more dollars in their pockets, and that would benefit the economy. So get on board and root for MCA.

George S. Youngert