For at least 10 years a group of women have been playing volleyball on Monday nights at Franklin School during the school year free of charge. We have six to eight playing regularly. We sweep the floor, set up the net, then take down before we leave, usually around 9:15 p.m. The janitor shuts off lights and locks up.

Recently we were informed by the superintendent's office that we would be charged $1,250 per year for 1.5 hours weekly use of the gym, forcing us to look for another facility.

Last summer Superintendent Brown came to the Senior Citizens Center in Cadillac begging for support on the millage after the first vote failed. The majority of women playing at Franklin are senior citizens. This is not a competitive league, we are there for fun and exercise. We have been told by the superintendent's office that all groups using CAPS facilities will be charged — including walkers at the high school — really. Is that how we're being paid back for passing that huge millage?

Wanda A. Kulik