I have always considered myself an Independent when it comes to my political flavor. I also think a newly elected president should be allowed some wiggle room when first entering this highest office. Donald Trump is no exception. However, in nearly three years, I have cringed at some of his statements. Often shake my head at his rather outlandish bravado and his criticism of the media is disturbing, though I admit hoax amongst the variant outlets, in all colors.

That memorable meeting with Putin a while ago, him denying there was interference in our election and Trump believing him rather than our own security, was alarming. It’s also a bit unsettling about his “love letter‘ relationship with the North Korean leader.

Trump’s dismissal of global warming is not world ending, at least not immediately, but pulling out of that Iran deal is a little scary. His wall construction effort I can understand but doesn’t solve the immigration problem. Then we have the tax breaks for the rich that seems, on the surface, to be working. But no one talks about the elephant in the room, the deficit. Then we have the tariffs. As they plod on, I’m just thankful I’m not a farmer.

Trump has made it clear that allies need to pull their fair share load of the world’s democracies, yet his choices, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, the Kurds suddenly on their own, seem dangerous propositions.

Then we have the current Ukraine controversy that has been spun every which way with whistle blowers and conspiracies. Is it worthy of impeachment or just sour grapes? Whatever it is, Republicans have dug in their heels and they better have high ones. Trump’s illusive tax returns are about to be revealed and enter into the fracas.

Kerry N. Brown