In reading Chris Lamphere's excellent article "Exercise in disguise" I'm compelled to agree with most everything stated in the article.

I wanted to add there are two additional courses in the area, both in Wexford County. There is a nine-hole course on the property behind and east of the Cadillac Christian Reformed Church on M-55 just east before Crosby Road. The second course, also nine holes, is located near Meauwataka at Colfax Township Park. Elevation changes and some longer holes are featured here.

To participate in National Disc Golf Day and grow the sport locally I'll be at Kenwood Heritage Park near the pavilion closest to Tee No. 1 with a pair of practice baskets and discs for new and newer players to try. I'll stay on hand from 9 a.m. until 11 a.m. Come try it out.

Michael L. Stump