As I was traveling east on Jennings Road toward the intersection of Jennings Road and M-66, I could not believe the signs I saw on the building on the corner. I thought to myself, this city is better than this. What do visitors think about traveling through our city when they see these signs? Maybe unbelief.

I believe whoever put these signs up should thankful for such a wonderful state, city and community that we live in. These signs do not reflect us. Just maybe if you feel this way, turn them around so you can see them every day as you look out your windows. Not everyone wants to see them. They are shameful and you should be ashamed too.

When you call someone a name like you called our governor it reminds me of a few words like this. It takes one to know one. Let’s pray for our state, our city and our communities. Pray for all our elected officials who have been elected by the people and for all the people.

We are better than this. May God bless our state, city and the community we live in.

James E. Bartholomew

Lake City