Recently in The Detroit Free Press, there was a front-page article informing readers of a legal move by the Republican Party suing to block the Redistricting Commission. This is the “gerrymandering‘ issue that we, as U.S. citizens and legal residents of the state of Michigan, passed as a referendum this past November.

Is there anything in a democracy more democratic and fair than passing a referendum by a majority of its citizens? If a majority vote of citizens is deemed invalid, then that government is no longer a democracy.

Where are our state and country going? It seems like we have been sliding into a fascist abyss for the past few years. But this move, by the Republicans, will strip us of our legal voting power as citizens of Michigan and America. Our forefathers designed our Constitution —  and modified it several times to include all legal citizens — to give power to citizens through their vote.

Don’t let this right be usurped from you. Many of our “forefathers‘ have died to preserve our Constitution and our democratic way of life.

Tom E. Jobson