Students face a lot of pressure when it comes to grades. Grades determine futures and have been part of education forever. When it comes to grades, 88 percent of students interviewed at CHS said that grades are a big stressor for them but only 30 percent said eliminating grades would be efficient.

Grading may increase the student's motivation to work but, at the same time, it stresses them out. Throughout the school year stress builds up and we start breaking and cracking under the pressure to keep our grades the way they are for another two weeks and not bomb exams or miss an assignment.

As a student in high school, I am proposing a “No Grades‘ system, which takes away the overall grades kids get in classes. Students would still get overall grades on assignments but that would not all add up to a letter grade or percent in that class. Teachers would give out a number at the end of the year on a 0-4 scale on how much effort the student put into his or her homework. Students would get accepted into colleges by these scores, these scores would be the GPA replacement so even if not all schools switch systems colleges will have something they all relate to.

My hope is that schools will take this step to reduce stress among students and make school a more fun place. Grades shouldn’t be the center of a student's world for 13 years.

Katherine M. Brandsma