When I first saw the black and grey flag with the blue strip greatly resembling our national flag, I was shocked. Who would, how would, why would, anyone decide to take our colors and change them? Was there an anti-American dark agenda happening that this new flag was expressing? Was it here in Cadillac? I write this comment after getting the answer.

From deep in my heart, I completely support our first responders. If we as a nation don’t respect and honor our law enforcement and first responders, we will lose our freedom. The government will intervene, currently happening, and we will have a police state, communism or socialism, not protection and freedom.

Truly, I support a banner designed specifically for our outstanding, brave, amazing, strong, courageous, men and women who sacrifice to protect us each and every day. Let it be as outstanding as these people truly are.

But please don’t mess with the red white and blue of our United States of America flag.

Neddy E. Harris