I wholeheartedly endorse Jason Elmore for 28th Circuit Court Judge for Missaukee and Wexford Counties.

I have had an opportunity for the last several years to see Jason’s commitment to people and the law. Previously, when I was a former defense counsel and now as Missaukee County Prosecutor, I have seen firsthand how prepared he is for each case, and quick on his feet he is, when unexpected things happen in court. I am confident that he will take that same commitment to service and knowledge formed by years of experience as a former defense counsel and current prosecutor, into this new role as Circuit Court Judge. I believe Jason will wisely and impartially apply the facts of each case to the law and make just and fair rulings.

I urge everyone to vote for Jason Elmore on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2020.

David A. Den Houten

Lake City