If anyone believes in God I think this is a wake-up call, we have become so lazy and obese, people don't care who they infect as long as they get to the local restaurants every day.

This is a time to get to know your kitchen again, get back the basics of life, I have seen people spend hundreds of dollars a week in restaurants, simply because they are too lazy to cook or don't know how. Its a treat to go out once in a while, but they weren't meant for a way of life. To haul kids out to eat at nine and 10 at night then wonder why they are getting bad grades in school. Its time for us to get off our lazy behinds and worry about our life instead of pigging out every day at the local fast food joints.

Share time with your family play games, share love with one another before we become extinct. Let's put God back in the equation and perhaps, we will get back to normal life again.

Ted S Kunkel