Being an independent I don’t follow along party-lines for voting or am I a single-issue voter and I try keeping my religious beliefs out of my politics. If you want my vote, well there are issues I feel important and when I write candidates for there views and opinions on topics, I expect an answer.

I have sent numerous email letters to both candidates for Michigan’s Senator, Gary Peters and John James seeking their views on the numerous and many daily hot button political issues continually cropping up in America.

I’m in somewhat of a fog with John James because I have actually no idea where he stands on these many issues facing us. His campaign literature, commercials and web site are always vague on issues I would expect him to stand tall for and his stated staunch support for Trump, “2000%‘ has quietly waned. I have written James with my questions and have never received a single answer so I’m questioning, do we send another no opinion yes-man to congress? I’m seeking someone interested in what’s best for Michigan and America rather than their political party.

John James, to me, has cast himself as this American Patriot because of his military service but I’m really concerned that James became involved in meetings with Rudy Giuliani and the Ukrainian’s Lev Parnas and Igor Fruman. Both Parnas and Fruman are presently under federal arrest for illegal campaign donations and both have very questionable pasts. They were arrested trying to leave the US with one-way tickets.

Perhaps meetings with James and the Ukrainian’s were innocent meetings, but with James West-Point Military education, meeting and associating with known Ukrainian operatives is hardly to me the savvy he learned at West Point or we should be sending to Washington.

Jay A. Richley