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Speak Out is a column in the Cadillac News reserved for readers in our circulation area to express opinions on local, state, national or international issues.

The opinions and facts expressed in Speak Out are those of the letter writer and are not those of the Cadillac News unless otherwise specified. Please sign your letter and include your home address. Also include a daytime telephone number at which the newspaper may contact you.

Anonymous letters will not be printed under any circumstances. Letters without an adequate mailing address will not be printed.Street addresses are no longer printed, but are necessary to validate the letters. A middle initial is needed to publish the letter.

Make your letter brief and to the point. We limit letters to 300 words. If letters are too long, the News reserves the right to edit the letter to fit space limitations.

Separate issues into different letters. Letters are more effective when focused on a particular issue.

Letters may be edited for clarity, style, grammar and spelling.

Space limitations do not allow us to print “thank you” letters. We realize this type of letter is important to parties involved but we do not have the space in our news columns for them. You may thank someone through our classified advertising pages or in a display advertisement.

Please submit only original letters written to the readers of the Cadillac News. Copies of the letters and letters written to other parties cannot be considered.

Letters should be individual expressions of opinions. Groups, agencies or organizations have the opportunity to have their activities reported in the news columns of the Cadillac News.

Letters promoting or criticizing specific private business should be directed to the business and may not be printed in Speak Out. Letters that are directed at an individual and not the general public should be sent to the individual.

The Speak Out section should not be used as a way to insult a person, but should be used to exchange ideas. Letters of an insulting nature will not be published.

Letters that are libelous or defamatory should not be submitted for publication.

Letters about elections need to be submitted at least four publishing days prior to the election. The deadline will assure adequate time to respond to new charges raised. Speak Out letters from candidates or their families will be accepted.

The Cadillac News will consider guest columns. You should contact the managing editor in advance with a guest column idea.Please send your letters or drop them off to:

Speak Out

Cadillac News

130 N. Mitchell St.

Cadillac, MI 49601-0640

e-mail to: news@cadillacnews.com

or fax to (231) 775-8790.

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