CADILLAC — Some had clubs of their own that were perfectly sized.

Others had borrowed mom's or dad's just to see what they thought of the sport.

Some came with clubs so new the plastic wrapper was still on the club head.

Whatever the case was, though, they're all pretty happy to be part of something new.

Cadillac opened its first girls golf season Monday at the Cadillac Country Club with Brandon Bailey as head coach and Dan Alto an assistant.

Girls had been a part of Viking boys golf teams in the past but the numbers were finally in place to make it a varsity sport.

"It's very exciting and it's something brand new," Bailey said. "We want the community to know that we're new and that we're excited.

"We're up to 14 girls so far. It's going to be challenging but Dan and I are up to it. It's going to be fun."

Senior Alyvia Peedle played on the boys team last spring for the first time and while she enjoyed that experience, she's more excited about this.

"I think it will be more fun to be able to play with people more at my skill level," she said. "It was difficult last year but the girls that played kept up pretty well with the boys.

"I was able to compete pretty well against the boys but it was hard at times. This will be a little more relaxed and a lot more fun for us."

Part of the interesting thing about this team is its range in experience and skill levels, Bailey said.

"We have four or five girls that played on the boys team," he said. "That's huge for knowing etiquette, rules and what it means to play in a tournament because they played in a lot of the JV events. Having that as a baseline going into a tournament is more than half the battle. Feeling comfortable in a tournament setting is huge.

"We've got brand new golfers, too. One came with the plastic still on the putter head. Some are mom and dad's clubs to see if they're excited about it."

While the knowledge of the game and skill level is all over the board, Bailey said they're attacking it with fundamentals. Anyone who has played the game knows it's always a good idea to start slow and build.

"We're working on fundamentals right from the get-go," Bailey said. "We start at the green and work our way back.

"We've worked with chipping and putting. (Tuesday), we worked quarter- and half-swings on the new nets the country club installed. We're working on solid contact and being able to compress the ball. We'll work on yardages and what clubs to use. It's the green back to the tee."

Players are able to learn from each other, as well. Bailey pairs girls who have some match experience with those that are just starting out.

As he's going around from hole to hole to help the players, they help each other, too.

"Some of the girls are playing nine holes for the first time," he said. "Their attitude has been great, though.

"They've really been helping each other."

Peedle tries to help out her teammates, too.

"I try and help the new people as much as I can but I am also trying to figure out how the season's going to go," she said. "If they ask me for help, I will try to give pointers but I don't want to push my opinion on other people."

Cadillac's first competition is Monday and Tuesday at the annual Traverse City Tee-Off Invitational.

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